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Any information that is collected by this study is confidential but will be available to the study staff and possibly agencies of the U.S. Government, the Consulting Physician, and the Trumbull Institutional Review Board (a group who reviews and approves studies). Information gained during your participation as a panelist is also confidential and should not be discussed outside of evaluation sessions. As a participating panelist your identity will be available to the investigator's staff and the Consulting Physician. If you contact the Institutional Review Board about your rights as a research panelist or an adverse event, all confidential information will be made available to them. The results of the study may be published using only your initials, age or any other data that does not fully identify you.


I understand and acknowledge that my participation does not make me an employee of Concepts, Unilever, nor any of their past, present and future parent corporations, affiliates and subsidiaries.

After reading and understanding the above information, I voluntarily consent to participate in the study. I have been given complete freedom to ask any questions about this study and all my questions have been answered Failure to adhere to the rules and guidelines can result in immediate dismissal.

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